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Reliable Commercial Plumbing Services in Burnaby

If you own a business in the Vancouver & Burnaby area, chances are you need a trusted name in commercial plumbing. Look no further! With Goldstein Plumbing and Gas, you can rest assured that all your plumbing needs will be taken care of promptly and efficiently.


Commercial plumbing sounds like a big word, but it’s pretty simple! It’s all about fixing pipes, drains, and everything else that helps the water go where it needs to go in a building. Goldstein Plumbing and Gas does this for businesses in Vancouver & Burnaby. Our Commercial Plumbing Burnaby services are special because we do things better than anyone else.

Customized Solutions for Every Business

Every place you go, like schools, restaurants, or stores, needs good plumbing. Plumbing is what helps water flow in and out of buildings. It’s a big job, and each place needs something different. That’s where Goldstein Plumbing and Gas comes in with our Commercial Plumbing Burnaby services.

  1. Restaurant Plumbing: Keep the Kitchen Running
  • Special Pipes for Cooking: Kitchens in restaurants have many sinks and stoves. We make sure everything works just right.
  • Clean Bathrooms for Customers: We also help keep the bathrooms clean and fresh.


  1. Retail Store Plumbing: Happy Shopping Time
  • No Leaky Faucets: Imagine shopping with a leaky faucet noise. We fix things so that they won’t happen.
  • Working Restrooms: We ensure customers always have nice, clean places to go when needed.


  1. Office Plumbing: A Great Place to Work
  • No Drips or Clogs: Offices need good plumbing too. We do regular check-ups to make sure everything’s okay.
  • Happy Workers: Everyone at work can be happy with nice bathrooms and kitchens.
  1. Schools and Institutional Plumbing: Learning Without Worries
  • Safe Water for Kids: Schools need special care. We make sure the water is safe, and the bathrooms are clean.
  • Teachers Can Focus: With good plumbing, teachers can focus on teaching, not leaks or clogs.
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Quality Commercial Plumbing Services: We're Here to Help!

Do you know how doctors check you to make sure you’re healthy? Well, buildings need check-ups too! That’s what our Commercial Plumbing Burnaby services do. We make sure everything works well so there are no surprises later.

At Goldstein Plumbing and Gas, we don’t just fix problems. We stop them before they even start! Here’s how we help businesses in Vancouver & Burnaby:

Preventative Maintenance

We come and check everything regularly. By finding things early, we can stop them from getting worse.

Emergency Services

All Day and Night: We're here 24/7, just like a fire station. If there's a problem, we come running.

Installation and Repair

Building and Fixing: We can put in new things and fix old ones. All Kinds of Things: From pipes to faucets, we handle everything.

Trusted Plumber

Certified Team: Our plumbers are trained and tested. They're ready to help.

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Looking for commercial plumbing services in Vancouver & Burnaby? Goldstein Plumbing and Gas is here for you. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we’re the name to trust for all your plumbing needs.

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Always Open: You can call us anytime, even in the middle of the night. We're like a friend you can call 24/7.

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Ever buy something and then find out it costs more than you thought? We won't do that to you. We'll tell you the plumbing installation cost before we start.

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Have a question? Ask us! Our plumber in Burnaby knows all the answers. Smart Solutions: We'll find the best way to fix your problem.

Flexible Scheduling

You tell us when you want us to come. We'll work around your business hours, just like picking a time to play with your friends.

Contact us today and discover the Goldstein Plumbing and Gas difference. Your business deserves the best, and we’re here to deliver it.